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Embrace What Makes You Different

  • Name: Embrace What Makes You Different
  • Location: The Bridges
  • Designed and descorated by: Brandon Carrside Youth and Community Project

Sculpture Description

Our design was inspired by what our youth club’s mean to us and the community. All youth club members created designs depicting their own individual messages and thoughts they believed Elmer should convey. Our Area Planning Committee then worked with The Thought Foundation to collate the designs. We used the Dumbo quote “Embrace what makes you different” which had been used on an individual design to shape the workshop. We looked at finger prints which are all unique, as well as zebra stripes as no two zebra’s have the same stripes. Colour and words were a common theme, and helped us arrive at the final design of coloured zebra stripes with meaningful words, that the young people used to describe the Youth Club inserted between stripes.