Why you should have a Will

Why making a Will should be top of your to do list

Making a Will is something we all need to do. For peace of mind, to protect those closest to us, to protect our decisions and choices and to avoid uncertainty or difficulties for our family after we die. Ensuring our family and loved ones are looked after when we are gone is the most important consideration when making a Will. But what if it could also be a simple and special way to support causes that are important to you? Including even a small gift or percentage of your estate to your favourite charities can help them to continue to make a difference in the future.

Top 5 reasons to make a Will

Provide financial security for your loved ones.
2  Ensure children are looked after by people you trust and that money is available for their upkeep.
You can help to reduce conflict for those left behind by making your wishes known.
4  You can reduce or avoid losses to Inheritance Tax.
5  You can make gifts to charities you care about, like St Oswald’s Hospice

Leaving a legacy

By leaving a gift or legacy in your will to St Oswald’s Hospice, you will touch the lives of families across the region, at what might be the most difficult time of their lives. Your gift can provide so much. As well as quality care and support, you could fund all the little extras that make a difference at the time it’s needed the most. From pamper sessions to a film night and a trip out to a family party, your legacy could be magical memories, special moments and the knowledge for our patients that their community truly cares.

At St Oswald’s over 20% of our charitable income is from people who have kindly decided to leave us a final gift in their Will

It’s easy to do and it doesn’t have to be a huge amount to make a difference…even 1% of what is left after you have considered all your loved ones will help us to provide compassionate care to people coming to St Oswald’s for much needed support. 

Gifts in Wills mean so much to us all at St Oswald’s Hospice

For you to think about including us in your final wishes is a huge honour and By remembering us in this special way, you will be leaving a legacy to support generations to come. If you’d like to find out more call 0191 246 9123 or email supportercare@stoswaldsuk.org

Keep in touch

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