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St Oswald’s have a set of Values (CAPES) and Standards of Behaviour for all staff and volunteers. These aim to give us all a clear and consistent approach as to how we behave towards and treat each other. The Values and Standards work together and are at the very heart of everything we do, they are what we believe in, what we are about and how we live each day to achieve our Vision for our community.

The Values and Standards of Behaviour feature in many aspects of our life here at St Oswald’s, from recruitment, ongoing appraisals and 121’s, to when someone chooses to move on from the Hospice.

Our Values (CAPES) are our core beliefs, they explain who we are, how we work, what we believe in and stand for. They reflect our culture here at St Oswald’s.

Our Standards of Behaviour are a living, working set of standards which relate to our ABC - Attitude, Behaviour and Communication. They work together with, and underpin our Values.

To find out more about our Values and Standards of Behaviour, please click here.

Email: humanresources@stoswaldsuk.org | Tel: 0191 285 0063


We are often told that it isn't just care and support that we offer, it's love. Our staff and volunteers go the extra mile for patients and their families, stakeholders, customers, donors and one another.

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As a learning organisation, we’re committed to giving opportunities to those who are seeking to develop their professional skills, want to gain experience of the working world or future employment in a care setting.

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