As a learning organisation, we’re committed to giving opportunities to those who seek to develop their professional skills, gain experience of the working world or employment in a care setting

Employers are looking for more than just technical skills and knowledge. They particularly value skills such as communication, team-working and problem solving

Job applicants who can demonstrate that they have developed these skills will have a real advantage and work experience or a work placement with St Oswald’s Hospice can help you achieve this.

We offer a variety of placements at St Oswald’s Hospice from medical to retail placements and you can find out more information below.

Medical student placements

Fourth year medical students undertake a six week placement twice a year, supervised by one of our consultants.

Third year CIDR students (Chronic Illness, Disease and Rehabilitation) attend teaching sessions at the Hospice for two and a half days a week, every month from January to June each year.

If you would like to enquire about medical placements, please email us below.

Retail placements

Our retail department is also able to offer work experience and work placements. Work experience or a placement may be the first time you visit a workplace and learn about employer expectations and the world of work. It will also provide you with crucial knowledge, skills and personal attributes that employers look for.

Work experience will give you:

• An understanding of the work environment and what employers expect of their workers

• An opportunity to explore possible career options

• Increased self-understanding, independence and self-confidence

• The chance to ‘try out’ a workplace. Employers are looking for more than just technical skills and knowledge.

• If you would like to enquire about retail placements, please get in touch below.