Young adults service

We offer residential short breaks to young people aged 18-25 with progressive, life shortening conditions.

Young adults tell us how much they value independence from their carers and the chance to spend time with peers when they come to stay with us.

We offer a purpose-built lounge, complete with a PC / gaming zone, media area, kitchen for snacks and a relaxing, chill-out space. We also have a very popular Young Adults Social Group, which offers a range of fun activities and a chance to socialise.

We provide support for the whole family too, including brothers and sisters. If you’re a family already benefiting from our services, please visit our Family Zone.


“It was the best thing ever, opening the Young Adult’s Service. It’s nice to be with my friends again and talk to the staff, who I consider to be my friends too. The lounge is definitely tailored for my age. The décor is modern and there are lots to do with the computers and media suite. The kitchen and food are great here too so I’m really pleased to be back.”



Outpatient Clinic for young adults

In addition to our short break service, we have setup an outpatient clinic for young people aged 16-35 years old who have grown up with and are living with serious or complex health conditions.

The clinic offers advice and support to patients and their carers, through working closely with the other health and care teams already caring for the patient.

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