Outpatient Clinic for young adults

In addition to our short break service, we have setup an outpatient clinic for young people aged 16-35 years old who have grown up with and are living with serious or complex health conditions

The clinic offers advice and support to patients and their carers, through working closely with the other health and care teams already caring for the patient.

The outpatient service for young adults will:

  • Listen to find out about any areas where a person’s needs are not being met, or where extra help is needed to achieve personal goals. The team will then work with the young adult and their family to address these needs.
  • Help to make plans for when a young person is unwell so that emergency teams can confidently give the right care at the right time.
  • Collaborate with the other health care teams including GPs and specialist teams to make sure that care is coordinated, whether at home or in hospital.
  • Support the person and their family if health is deteriorating or end of life care is needed.
  • Give time for family and carers to share their own concerns.
  • Share teaching and advice for healthcare professionals across the region.

Clinic reviews will normally be at St Oswald’s Hospice or through remote consultations. Visits at home or another location can also be arranged, and we are always happy to attend joint consultations with other healthcare professionals.

Dr Jo Elverson leads the clinic. She is a palliative care consultant with special interests in transition, neurodisability and learning disability. Our multidisciplinary team supports the clinic and are happy to review patients or give advice as needed.

We work closely with other health care professionals involved in a young person’s care. In addition to writing, we may ask to speak directly or arrange a meeting of the professionals supporting the patient.

Please see our leaflet for healthcare professionals in ‘useful downloads’ on this page for more information about referrals.

If you are a patient or carer and feel this clinic might be for you, we would be happy to speak to you, but we will need one of your health care professionals to make a referral into the clinic

We accept referrals from any health professional supporting a young adult patient aged 16-35 with a serious or complex health condition.

We are happy to consider referrals from anywhere in the North East region, however if we can identify a more local team who are able to offer the same support, we will discuss the referral with them.

Useful links and downloads

Patient information leaflet

If you would like to find out more information about Outpatient Clinic for young adults, please download our patient information leaflet below.

Healthcare professional leaflet

If you’re a healthcare professional and would like to find out more information about Outpatient Clinic for young adults, please download our leaflet below.

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