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Starting the new academic year in style

Elmer goes back to school at Stobhillgate First School

Elmer has started the new academic year by visiting some lovely children and staff at Stobhillgate First School in Morpeth. He was grinning the whole way there as he was excited to meet the children and to kick off their learning adventure.

On arrival, Elmer’s bright colours caught the attention of some of the staff at Stobhillgate and word quickly got round that the star of the trail had arrived. Within minute’s children of all ages from across the school skipped into the main hall to say hello.

I told my mam he was bigger than the school! I thought we’d be keeping him in a cage outside so I’m happy he’s smaller.

Herbie, from year 2 said:

I want to put big spots of paint all over it. Lots of colour and everyone can do it. A big rainbow trunk would be good, I like that.

Grace, also from year 2 added:

Mr Whitehead, Headteacher at Stobhillgate commented:

“It’s bringing the school together. We’re currently working towards UNICEF – rights of a child, and each class has two ambassadors to move this forward. Elmer complements this perfectly. Being part of a herd but being individual shows you can be who you are and still be loved for it.

“The children are very excited, each class is going to hold their own event and have their own individual projects around Elmer’s Great North Parade. We’re going to be having toy stalls, coffee mornings for parents and other fundraising activities to help raise some money for the Hospice. It’s a brilliant fit with us as its making the children aware it’s not just about them, it’s the social responsibility we have, we like to develop the whole child in subject and in real life situations.

“It’ll be interesting to see what other designs schools come up with, it’s quite exciting. So many people talked about the Snowdogs, so being a part of it this time is just brilliant.”

Elmer will continue to travel the region and visit schools and not for profit youth groups who have sponsored a little Elmer. If your school or group would like to find out more, visit www.greatnorthelmer.co.uk or email hello@greatnorthelmer.co.uk