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Building blocks for Elmer's Great North Parade

Steve Mayes, a freelance Lego artist from North Shields, set himself an ambitious challenge this year when he heard Elmer’s Great North Parade was coming to town. Steve creates striking sculptures out of the colourful bricks and saw building Elmer the Elephant as the perfect project to raise some money for St Oswald’s.

At first, Steve was hoping to build a life-sized elephant sculpture, but had to scale down his plans after calculating the costs. He instead decided to create an Elmer which could be placed in a frame and auctioned off to raise funds for the hospice.

I first saw you were doing the trail and thought I’d love to be involved. I realised Elmer was the perfect character to make out of Lego, with him being bright colours and in a block pattern, it just seemed perfect. Once I got the measurements for the sculpture I put my costings together and realised it would cost over £10,000 to make.

Steve Mayes, Freelance Lego Artist

“Although I couldn’t build a big one, I still wanted to support the charity and do something for them, so I decided to do a smaller piece I could auction off myself. The picture didn’t take too long to put together, but there was some very uncommon pieces used. You may be able to see on his legs they’re actually slanted pieces, and in certain colours they’re very difficult to come by. I thoroughly enjoyed building this piece, especially knowing it was going to make money for charity."

Steve has his own workshop based in North Shields from which he works on a range of projects for his numerous clients:

“I used to do landscape photography; I’d often take pictures around the north east of famous buildings and landmarks. When my children were born, I was like any dad and couldn’t wait for them to start playing with Lego. I started by building my house and then moved on to building the Baltic from a photo I had taken previously. They saw my work and asked to display it, this was the beginning of my ‘Lego career’ and after a short while I stopped taking photos and moved solely into Lego art.”

The final piece made £160 and he very kindly donated the whole amount to St Oswald's

We’re so grateful that Steve took the time out of his busy schedule to raise money for us.

If you’d like to see more of his work, check out his Instagram page @brickthis