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Surf Dude

  • Name: Surf Dude
  • Location: intu Eldon Square, Newcastle
  • Designed and descorated by: Ali Elly
  • Sponsor: intu Eldon Square

Sculpture Description

Inspired by the abundance of fascinating marine life in the underwater world, Ali Elly’s art demonstrate her love of the sea. With a focus on environmental conservation and plastic pollution, she is passionate about preserving sea life and finding new ways to protect the natural world. Working from her studio on the Northumberland coastline, Ali creates work that celebrates and appreciates the beauty of the sea. Ali has an obsession with the colour blue and all it’s fabulous range of shades. ‘Surf Dude’ is all about having fun and enjoying the seaside. Complete with surfboard, flip flops, sunglasses, zinc sunblock and a hula girl tattoo, this is the ultimate embodiment of summer holidays. Recognisable, bright, lovable and full of colour, this elephant is hitting the waves!