Why I'm a Giving Day Champion - Helen's story

Helen Latham is a St Oswald’s Hospice Supporter and works as a Soul Midwife.

She decided to sign up as a Giving Day Champion after coming to the Hospice to help our Spiritual Care Lead, Davina Radford.

Helen said:

“As a Soul Midwife – a person who is trained to offer personalised end of life care, I believe that what St Oswald’s Hospice offers is exactly what everyone is entitled to: care and compassion when suffering from a life-limiting illness.

“I believe that life is precious and people deserve the same care at the end of their life as they do at the beginning. A family friend recently received end of life care at St Oswald’s Hospice and I know that this made a powerful difference to my friend and her family.”

Helen has supported St Oswald’s Hospice throughout her career as a teacher.

Helen said:

“I used to be a high school teacher and I often invited a speaker from St Oswald’s Hospice to deliver an assembly. I believe that it was important for the students to hear about the fabulous work that is done by St Oswald’s Hospice – especially for the younger patients.

“St Oswald’s Hospice deserves our support, whatever amount we are able to give. We need to let people know that St Oswald’s Hospice couldn’t offer support if it wasn’t for the donations that it receives. We know that life is tough for many, right now, but every donation helps.”

That’s why Helen has chosen to be a Giving Day Champion – to help make sure we can keep the doors open for everyone who needs us.

Helen ended:

“We all need to play our part in making quality end-of-life care accessible to anyone who needs it.”

If you’re feeling inspired by Helen and would like to become a Giving Day Champion for St Oswald’s Hospice, you can find out more about Giving Day here or sign up to become a Champion here.

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