Giving Day

You’re invited to be part of our easiest, most simple fundraising campaign ever on Tuesday 28th March 2023 – a 33 hour online Giving Day which aims to raise £300,000 for St Oswald’s Hospice.

Will you be a Giving Day Champion?

Costs are rising and demand for our services is increasing. The difference this campaign will make for our patients and their families is huge.

Can you help keep our doors open for everyone who needs us, simply by creating a fundraising page and sharing it with everyone you know once our Giving Day begins? This will help us reach more people and raise more awareness, helping us to hit our £300k fundraising target in just 33 hours! Are you in?

Giving Day is happening on Tuesday 28th March 2023 and we’re inviting YOU to be a Champion.

Being a Champion is simple!

❌ We are not asking you to take on an epic challenge or organise anything. With our help, you’ll simply set up a fundraising page, (a little like JustGiving but even quicker and easier) and then on Giving Day, all of our Champions pages will go live at once. You will then share your page with everyone you know for 33 hours, asking them to donate in support of you and the hospice.

✅ Right now, we just need a tiny bit of your time. (And we mean tiny – less than it takes to make a cup of tea in fact!)

All you need to do today is complete your personal details on our 2-minute form below*

Once that’s done, sit back and relax until Giving Day – because we’ll do the rest!

You’ll get a ‘Thanks for signing up!’ email – but then we won’t contact you until mid-March when we’ll send a link to your personal, ready-to-go donation page.

*We’ll use the information you give to set up your unique Giving Day donation page. To make it super quick and easy, we’ve pre-written the Giving Day message section for you, but please feel free to change/personalise this with your story or why you’re supporting St Oswald’s Hospice Giving Day if you wish.

As a Champion you’ll be part of our race to £300k in a day…


What happens on Giving Day?

GO LIVE!: On Tuesday 28th March 2023, the Giving Day campaign goes live from 8am for 33 hours only (ends 5pm on Wednesday 29th March) – and it’s a race against time to hit our fundraising target. This is when your page – and that of all of our other Champions – goes live on our Giving Day webpage. You can preview that here.

SHARE: On the day, you’ll share your donation page and reach out to your friends, family and colleagues, asking for donations (don’t worry, we’ll send simple instructions and messages to share exactly when you need them).

CELEBRATE: You’ll see your total rising on your personal donation page – and the excitement will build as you see the time ticking away and the overall fund pot rising too!

Doubling Donations

• Here’s the best bit – all your donations will be doubled* thanks to our amazing pledgers, who have pre-pledged £150k to our pledge-pot!

• However, these pledged funds will only be released to match donations raised on Giving Day by YOU (and the rest of our team of 500 Champions).

Here’s how it works: Every £1 you raise will unlock £1 from our pledge-pot – the more donations you raise on your page, the more funds you’ll unlock!)

*Donations will only be doubled if made during the 33 hour Giving Day. However, donations can still be accepted after the day.

How it works

Giving Day Champions and Pledge Pot funds


= £300,000

Giving Day is an exciting 33 hour race against time for our 500 Champions to raise £150k. Together, you’ll aim to unlock every single pound of the pledgers 150k pledge–pot, doubling your donations to hit £300k in a day!

Of course, double the donations means double the impact for our patients and families.

So, there’s never been a better day or easier way to support us.

Become a Champion today and help make our first ever Giving Day a huge success for our hospice and community.

Together, we can keep our doors open for everyone who needs us.

So, will you be a Giving Day Champion?

Chief Executive, Steph Edusei

A message from our Chief Executive, Steph Edusei

“This is our biggest, (bravest) and hopefully, most brilliant campaign that we have ever had in support of patients at St Oswald’s Hospice. I hope that you will choose to be a Champion and be part of the adventure!”

I want to be a Champion