Why I'm a Giving Day Champion - Scirin's story

For almost four years, Scirin Khaleghpoor has worked at St Oswald’s Hospice – a considerably long time since Scirin has only been in Newcastle for 5 years! Scirin started in the Communications and Marketing team but has worked as Volunteering Development Officer for the last two years.

Scirin explains what’s kept her at St Oswald’s Hospice:

“Working for the non-profit sector and in particular St Oswald’s Hospice means dedicating time and energy towards a greater good. Everyone at the Hospice, no matter which role they have, makes a contribution towards the care that is provided to local adults and children here.”

For Scirin, the hospice means three things – “generosity, dedication and passion”.

Scirin said:

“Belonging to such a well-established local charity taught me a lot from a professional point of view. But the one thing I will always remember about the Hospice is how staff and volunteers come together almost effortlessly, to support a common cause. I have rarely seen such levels of generosity, dedication and passion anywhere else.

“I’m supporting Giving Day to make sure that the Hospice has all the resources it needs to continue its vital work. I am doing it for our community, for all the patients and families we are currently caring for and for all those who will need us in the future.”

“I believe everyone has a right to get high quality care, no matter their circumstances, and I am happy to support a place that provides that to anyone who needs it, for free.”

That’s why Scirin has chosen to be a Giving Day Champion – to help make sure we can keep the doors open for everyone who needs us.

If you’re feeling inspired by Scirin and would like to become a Giving Day Champion for St Oswald’s Hospice, you can find out more about Giving Day here or sign up to become a Champion here.

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