Why I'm a Giving Day Champion - Anita's story

“It was just me, mam and dad together at the end, just as he would have wanted.”

As Director of Income and Marketing, Anita Ball, knows only too well the importance of fundraising for keeping open the doors at St Oswald’s Hospice. Little did she know when she first came to work here that one day, those doors would be opening to her family.

Anita told us more about that time:

“I have been privileged to work at St Oswald’s for 15 years, however never was the need for hospice care brought into sharper focus for me personally than when my father reached end of life and needed the support of hospice care.

“My mother cared for my dad at home for many years, she was incredible. However it was during a home visit for my dad on Christmas Eve we got the news that dad was reaching his final days. We were devastated and my mam and I took turns being with him day and night.

“All the worries and fears I had heard so many other families describe during my work, I now felt too. How would it be at the end? Could we cope with dad at home? Would we know what to do for the best? Fortunately we got dad a place in the hospice for his final days. The relief and reassurance of knowing there were experts and experienced people on hand for his medical needs was immense. Instead of being carers, I could be daughter again and simply hold his hand and talk to him and mam could be wife.

“We were both with him at the end where he died extremely peacefully, I will be forever grateful for those moments of support, the kindness and compassion and understanding both leading up to and after his death. It was just me, mam and dad together at the end, just as he would have wanted.”

Anita added:

“I’m proud to be a Giving Day Champion – for my dad – and for everyone who needs St Oswald’s Hospice. I hope you will join me and I can’t wait to watch the donations climbing on the day to hopefully reach our ambitious £300K target. Together we can do this!”

If you’re feeling inspired by Anita and would like to become a Giving Day Champion for St Oswald’s Hospice, you can find out more about Giving Day here or sign up now to become a Champion here.

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