World Physiotherapy Day 2021

Wednesday 8th September is World Physiotherapy Day, this is an opportunity for physiotherapists from all over the world to raise awareness about the crucial contribution their profession makes to keeping people mobile, independent and well.

At St Oswald’s Hospice we have a team of three physios and one physio assistant working with our adult patients and two physios working with our children and young adults. Susie Boyle, Physio said:

“The Physiotherapy Team working in adult services provide a wide range of services including developing exercise programmes to improve mobility, supplying appropriate walking aids, rehabilitation planning and assessment, advice on moving and handling, pain relief, managing breathlessness  and more. Our team are also trained in acupuncture which is used to relieve certain symptoms.

“We support patients to make the best of what they are able to do, achieve personal goals such as going to a family party or a day at the beach, and help them to readapt to developments in their illness.  

“By providing this care the patients often feel more in control and more confident in what they are doing. If they are able to get home we will support them to make this as easy as possible for them.”

Susie ended:

“Often patients are surprised to find out that St Oswald’s Hospice has a team of physiotherapists to support them, but what we do is a crucial part of the multi-disciplinary care the Hospice offers. We are all part of a wider team with the patient very much at the centre of everything we do.”

A BIG THANK YOU to our wonderful physios at St Oswald’s Hospice for their hard work and commitment!

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