Valuing the Power of independence for Patients at St Oswald’s Hospice

We are proud to shine a light on our Enablement Group. The group was formed at the start of the year as a result of research and a growing awareness of how to help patients maintain their independence – and how this can positively impact their health and overall wellbeing.

The multidisciplinary team of nurses, doctors, spiritual carers, social workers, occupational therapists and physiotherapists, aims to ensure a more focused approach is implemented across our care services. They have worked to identify and celebrate good practice areas, and an action plan has been created to track new initiatives and review outcomes.

Anne Tuck, Matron of the Adult Inpatient Unit and chair of the Enablement Group tells us more:

“The Group exists to enhance and encourage the enablement of our patients. We treat every patient individually and help them come to terms with changes in their abilities. We work with them to find out what is most important in their lives and how we can help them get back to a sense of themselves.”

“This could include a focus on family time as well as looking at practical skills to enable them to maintain independence within activities of daily living, including practicing getting in and out of a car or managing their own medication.”

A patient who benefited from the Enablement Group said:

“I’ve been gently nudged to be as independent as possible. With a fractured hip, mobility has been challenging, but with the help of staff and volunteers, they have let me go at my own pace. I’m able to be independent and can express myself.”

Another patient said:

“You are providing above and beyond the care I could have expected, just amazing and incredible. From the minute that I came in I felt safe and cared for. My condition rapidly changed – I could do things that I couldn’t do in the hospital – just an instant change. Having been here a few weeks, I have been able to go out for afternoon tea, go to the beach – just amazing being able to do things I thought I never would again.”

Members of the group include Anne Tuck, Davina Radford, Elaine Armatage, Felicity Dewhurst, Jane Donaldson, Jennifer Saunderson, Joanne Elverson, Lisa Cairns, Marisa Woodward and Susie Boyle.

The Enablement Group meets every month, for further information please contact Anne Tuck at

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