Say hello to our newly wrapped E-Van

We’re always looking at how we can be more environmentally friendly.

As such, we recently got a brand new E-Van which our retail team will use day to day to support the Hospice and the community in a greener way. We caught up with House Clearance and Transport Manager, Rob Scott, about this exciting new development.

Can you tell us a bit about your job role?

I have two roles: House Clearance Manager and Transport Manager.

As House Clearance Manager I do all the viewings and costings; attend the clearances with my team; and remove their donated items.

As Transport Manager I support the Logistics Manager with driver rotas, repairs, van hires and driver liaisons.

Can you tell us about the E-Van and why it’s exciting for St Oswald’s Hospice?

The E-Van is a Mercedes E Vito. It can go up to 137 miles on a full charge and has a good load capacity. It’s exciting because it shows that we are committed to reducing our environmental output by employing greener technology and a more environmentally conscious way of operating.

What is the E-Van used for?

The E-Van is used extensively. It is used for viewing appointments; transporting items from a house clearances to the Hospice’s shops; moving items between St Oswald’s Hospice sites; and moving stock for events.

Outside of helping you and the retail team, what are the biggest benefits to having the new E-Van?

The E-Van is a great tool for anyone who can drive! It helps us move items in a more environmentally friendly way and reduces the use of our diesel vans.

Why is it important for St Oswald’s Hospice to be more environmentally friendly?

I think we all have a responsibility to be more aware of our environmental impact, especially as at St Oswald’s Hospice we champion sustainability, renewal and reuse. The E-Van shows that we are committed to acting on our core values.

What do you think of the E-Van’s design?

It is a great design that highlights the E-Van’s electrical power. I especially like the ‘plug’ graphics on the doors, they’re really impactful.

Keep a look out for the E-Van out on the road and let us know what you think of its design!

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