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Congratulations and a big thank you to our dream team of staff and supporters, who took on a Community Project in Peru and high altitude trek, across the Salkantay mountain range to Machu Picchu.

They had an amazing (and exhausting) time in South America whilst raising vital funds for St Oswald’s Hospice and now they’re back, we couldn’t wait to find out more.

“Wow, what an absolutely breath-taking, magical and challenging experience and one that despite how hard it was, and how much I personally struggled, I’d do all over again. The Salkantay High Pass, leading to the most magic place Machu Picchu, was literally an experience from start to finish and adventure of a lifetime.”

Those were the words of Emily Coney, Senior Fundraiser (pictured right), who did the trek as a supporter because she personally wanted to raise funds. However, she never expected it to become such an emotional journey, but as so many of the trekkers were doing it in memory of a loved one, it enhanced the experience for Emily.

Emily explained:

“Initially I signed up as a solo adventure, but I left the trip with a beautiful group who became my family.  We lifted one another up when the others were not strong enough, and together we went from strength to strength.”  

Danielle Harvey, Community & Stewardship Manager (pictured left), was one of the organisers and part of the team.  Now back in the office, she too is dreaming of Peru. Danielle shared some of the team’s experience with us:

“This year’s overseas challenge brought together 27 St Oswald’s supporters, to embark on a two day community project in the highlands of Peru and then a four day trek across the Salkantay High Pass, reaching the staggering heights of 4630 metres above sea level, before visiting the ancient Inca City of Machu Picchu.

This challenge was not to be taken lightly and, in fact, many of the team suffered from the symptoms of altitude sickness and tummy upsets, whilst also combating the high temperatures, undulating terrain and camping in the wilds of Peru.

 Together, under the care and supervision of our Peruvian Guides, the team reached all of our goals, each supporting one-another along the way. There was a real sense of care and compassion across the team, with everyone supporting each other along the journey, with encouraging words and a hand to hold.

What makes these challenges so wonderful is how everyone comes together as a family. We have all gained lots of love and respect for the country we visited and the local people and communities we met. It is very humbling to be welcomed into their arms too, and for them to share their history, culture and beliefs with us all.

I want to wish the team a huge congratulations for their achievements, not only for taking on this epic challenge but in helping to raise an outstanding amount of money for our patients and their families – which has now increased to a whopping £170,000!”

If you’d like to take part in future overseas challenges, please get in touch with Danielle here