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Super Mario smashes target for St Oswald's

Gaming has rocketed over the last few years so has the idea of people fundraising whilst streaming their games. Local gamer Ryan aka Adie92 from North Shields has been streaming now for a little over a year and decided to hold a streaming fundraiser to support St Oswald’s.

We caught up with Ryan to find out more:

“I have heard about St Oswald’s Hospice and how essential and fundamental the work they do is, through my mam who is a district nurse. I thought I would try to raise money for such a fantastic cause.

“For me gaming is something I have always had a great passion for. I get a kick from watching streamers so if I could get into streaming and help put a smile on someone’s face or bring a little bit of positivity to someone’s day then that is something I strive to achieve. As someone who suffers with mental health I always try and make people smile and laugh as I know first-hand how hard it can be to do and streaming is really helping me with that as well as building my own self confidence!

“It seemed like a perfect combination, to do something I love whilst raising money for such an amazing cause, it felt like a win, win situation. In total I streamed for over 10 hours and we raised £355 which is outstanding as my target was only to raise £100! I couldn’t have done it without the support of my family, friends and Facebook followers who were extremely supportive of this venture.

“As a way to raise a few more pounds, I decided to shave my beard off and just keep my moustache for the stream. As I was going to be playing Super Mario for the stream I thought it would be fun to try and look as much like Super Mario as I could. I may not have looked great but the viewers definitely got a laugh out of it and it helped raise a little extra too.

“I hope it can inspire other people to follow my footsteps and use gaming and streaming as a platform to raise awareness for such an incredible charity. Thank you St Oswald’s and good luck in all that you do.”

Sitting in front of a screen for 10 hours seems pretty difficult but to raise over 3x his target is an incredible achievement. We can’t thank Ryan enough for his unique way of raising money.

If you’re interested in streaming for St Oswald’s, whether that’s through gaming, cooking or by doing anything your passionate about, check out our Game Changers page here to find out more.