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Mastering Hadrian's Wall

How would you celebrate completing a Master’s Degree? By completing the Hadrian’s Wall trek of course!

Kim Saul, from North Tyneside started planning with her partner to do the walk a couple of months ago as a celebration for finishing her Master of Music Therapy degree. Kim told us more:

I love walking and spending time outdoors. During Covid-19 we have been largely locked in the house. We both could do with a break from technology and being cooped up indoors. As I like to set myself challenges, we decided to do Hadrian's Wall walk with no support, carrying our tent and all our gear on our backs.

I have been on placement one day per week as a Music Therapy trainee at St Oswald's for the past few months. Over that time I have had the absolute pleasure of making music with patients and family members on the inpatient ward, with Bereavement, and in the Focus on Living centre. St Oswald's makes a massive difference in people's lives and truly strives to provide person-centred care.

When I heard about the 100km in July, I thought that was a great way to link my trek with raising money for charity, so that’s what I did. I completed the challenge over 6 days at the end of July and I loved every minute of it. Andrew, my partner, provided me with much needed moral support throughout the rainy sections but I’ve honestly had a brilliant time.

I will definitely be doing more long distance walks in future, both with Andrew, with others and even by myself! I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has followed my journey and donated to this wonderful charity. I hit my target of £150 and I’m over the moon, thank you.