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Mandy braves the shave for St Oswald’s

Mandy from Leeds recently cut off her locks to raise money for St Oswald’s. In an open letter, Mandy explains the special reason behind her challenge and her support of hospice care.

Dear St Oswald’s,

I wanted to raise some money for you because my cousin Denise has been using St Oswald’s services for the last few years. She has terminal cancer and I know she looks forward to her visits at St Oswald’s.

Cancer hasn’t been too kind to my family, it’s taken both my mum and my cousin’s mum, so with that my family started raising money for cancer charities in Leeds where I’m from. With my cousin now being in St Oswald’s care, I wanted to help. The work you do is amazing. Being there for all ages who are faced with this horrible disease and more, it’s incredible.

Denise has been bravely fighting to spend more time with her children and grandchildren. Knowing there is no cure but still fighting to stay with us and not giving up is so brave. I wanted to honour her and do something in support of her rather than after the cancer takes her. On her 3rd round of chemo and losing her hair again, I decided I would try raise some money by shaving mine off. I was quite apprehensive as the date I had picked drew closer. But just kept thinking that this is a choice I have. Whilst people like my cousin, sadly don't get that luxury.

When the day came for the shave, I was surprisingly less nervous. Once it started to come off I relaxed even more, since I knew there was no going back now! Once it was off I felt liberated. I knew I’d helped St Oswald’s to be there for all the people facing uncertainty making their lives a little easier.

So, thank you for doing what you do, St Oswald’s does a wonderful job not only with my family but with everyone’s. I really hope people realise the great work you do, this hospice is a lifeline for all the fighters out there, and I know now, St Oswald’s will be my first charity of choice when I want to raise money again. Thank you for allowing me the chance to do what I did.

Love Mandy x

Families come together in the toughest of times and we’re glad we could be there to help Mandy and her familywhen they needed us. Mandy has currently raised over £470 and is so close to her £500 target. You can visit her JustGiving page here.

Thank you to Mandy and for everyone else who decides to take on a challenge to help us here at the hospice. Your wonderful donations allows us to keep fighting to be there for those who really need us.