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We caught up with Ian Turner, Supporter Care Manager, who took time away from his usual duties to talk all things supporters, Donorflex and data.

Ian tells us more:

“In 2014 I joined the Supporter Care team after spending time as a call centre manager. I had a lot of transferable skills from my previous role and the same principles applied to how we speak to people and support them through their journey with us. My role at St Oswald’s Hospice can swing from being repetitive, which is great – or totally different and diverse! That’s what I love about my job, you never know what you’re going to be working on next.

“I manage a team that speaks with our supporters daily, thanking them for their support, answering their general fundraising enquiries, processing donations, event signs ups or signposting them to people in the fundraising team if they’re taking on a crazy challenge!

“During our busiest times of the year, the team can be dealing with 100’s of enquiries per week via a variety of channels, including telephone, email, written responses, and even meeting with supporters downstairs in reception to help them, all whilst processing and thanking for the 1000’s of donations being received. I believe we’re really lucky as we get to speak to some wonderful supporters who are either giving their time or money to help St Oswald’s Hospice.

“The one thing that I always tell people about my role is that I absolutely adore the data – yes, you’re allowed to say it, I’m a ‘geek’! I love the creation of processes and seeing how Donorflex (our supporter database) interacts with the rest of the Hospice and supports other important campaigns and projects. My team are the gatekeeper of Donorflex, making sure that it is relevant and compliant with GDPR and marketing legislation. We also help during financial audits to share records of Gift Aid.

“Another thing I love about my role is that I always feel close to the projects I’ve worked on and can clearly see the outcomes. As the Christmas period approaches, my team are busy working on a number of different campaigns, notably Light Up A Life. We feel a sense of prominent responsibility towards Light Up A Life and hold a lot of pride in working on this campaign. We process all the donations received and carry out the fulfilment of cards to our supporters.

“I’m always interested in hearing from our supporters and the link they share with the Hospice. Some have a loved one that has been cared for here and have been personally touched by the care they’ve received, or they work or volunteer with us and some simply live locally.

“I’d like to say thank you to them for keeping us going after so many years and for supporting such a worthwhile cause. I know people are facing their own challenges through the current cost-of-living crisis, so it’s an inspiration to learn about their support and it motivates me each day to get up and do what I do.”

Thank you to Ian for sharing his story!

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