Going Goggins with the 4x4x48 challenge

On Friday March 3rd a small staff team from our amazing Children and Young Adults service took on the epic 4x4x48 challenge.

Invented by David Goggins, participants are invited to complete a total of 48 miles (77km for those on metric!) over a 48 hour period. Every 4 hours, each person ran, walked or cycled 4 miles, all to raise much needs funds for the Children and Young Adults service at St Oswald’s Hospice.

Led by Holly Smith, Senior Sister on the Children and Young Adults Unit, the team is hoping to reach their fundraising goal of £4800… and they have SMASHED IT! Through sponsorship, raffle ticket sales and even getting some donations whilst on the route, the total raised currently stands at £4810.

We caught up with the team as they were making final preparations and getting ready to do their warm ups.

Lynne Angus, a Care Support Worker at St Oswald’s said, “I’m doing this because I want the children we look after to have the best experiences possible. They are my motivation.”

Colleague Mary Wood added, “I plan to enjoy it as much as I can. It’s fantastic to be part of this team and the St Oswald’s team too.”

With the 11-strong team assembled to take on the first 4 miles, colleagues from around the Hospice and friends arrived, and the countdown to 12noon began.

Cheers were raised and a confetti cannon was fired, and they were off!

When asked about the motivation to take on the 4x4x48 challenge, Holly said, “I’m really excited for this. It’s very difficult to find a challenge that reflects the enormous challenges our children, young people and their families go through, and whilst the 4x4x48 in no way compares, it is a physically and mentally demanding challenge that will push us to our limits.”

Also participating in the challenge is St Oswald’s Hospice Physiotherapist, Laura, who shared, “I am by no means a runner but the team have encouraged me to take part. I am very proud to be part of this team. Taking on the 4x4x48 will challenge us personally and I feel in doing so, we are demonstrating the strength and breadth of our team by recognising that together, we can achieve things that might otherwise feel out of reach when trying to get there alone.”

Taking on this epic challenge is no small thing, with the team documenting their progress on social media, donning head lamps to ensure a safe run during the overnight 4 mile runs. Colleagues continued to join in and support the team throughout the 48 hours.

Challenge creator, David Goggins, even sent the team a message, encouraging them to ‘stay hard’ as they passed the 24 hour mark.

Will Jones, Care Support Worker, shared, “I plan to keep my head down and keep focused, motivated by the end goal to raise money for the children’s summer activities.”

One of the activities the team hope to fund is the adaptive/accessible surf programme for 2023.

Laura, who went along to some of last year’s surf sessions, reflected, “To temporarily place to one side, the enormous challenges faced every day by the children and young people accessing our services and their families, in order to be able to ‘catch a wave’ it’s magic!”

Holly added, “Our colleagues across all of the departments provide an excellent service so any money we can bring into the Hospice will be worthwhile”

The team’s JustGiving page is still active and documents the team’s progress from the challenge. After completing their challenge, the team gathered together to enjoy a well-deserved big breakfast before heading off to rest and recover.

We’re so proud of our amazing Children and Young Adults staff; congratulations and well done to you all.


Check out some pictures below!

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