Ellie's story

“St Oswald’s has been a charity close to my heart for many years now as when I was eight my Dad sadly died on the Inpatient Ward at the Hospice. They gave him the most amazing care along with looking after me, my younger sister and my Mam throughout. Shortly after, my Mam started volunteering to help give something back for the support they had given us, fast-forward a year later and she was then employed as the Therapeutics Co-ordinator in Day Hospice (proud daughter moment!).

“When I was in high school and I turned 16 I decided to volunteer on the inpatient ward as a Ward Helper. As I enjoyed volunteering so much I then did my three week work placement with the Communications and Marketing Department. I learnt so much which helped set me up for my current job!

“I decided to become a volunteer as St Oswald’s had done so much for my family so I really wanted to give something back. Not only that, but I knew the skills and experiences I’d learn along the way would be very valuable. The process was very flexible and I was able to be on ‘the bank’ and cover shifts when needed so it worked well alongside my studies.

“Without a doubt the best thing about volunteering was the people I met along the way. From being reunited with nurses who knew me when I was little, to meeting new staff, amazing families and patients throughout the three years I volunteered. It was always reassuring knowing I was helping families by something as little as bringing them a tea or coffee. 

“Volunteering taught me many skills that I’ve been able to use to help me land my dream job. I became a lot more confident in both myself and being able to build relationships with others. During my time at the Hospice I was always meeting new people and would be working alongside different faces each shift, so it was a really good way to form friendships! Volunteering at a young age also allowed me to become more organised and independent – both great skills to bring to the workplace!”

Ellie ended:

“I’d 100% recommend volunteering to anyone! Not only does it equip you with fantastic life skills and experiences it also looks great on a CV to future employers!”

Thank you to Ellie for sharing her story and we wish her lots of luck in her new role as Beauty Writer for Lookfantastic.

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