Dr Christine English - Trustees Week 2020

“I have worked as a senior nurse, educator and researcher in Newcastle and my work taught me that there are many families that have great difficulties and sadness to bear in their lives. It was for this reason that I was keen to contribute in a voluntary role and wanted to use the professional expertise I have gained, to make a difference to families in the local community. I saw the Trustee role as an ideal way to do this. 

 “As a young children’s nurse at the RVI, I worked alongside some of the early promoters of St Oswald’s and I watched it grow from just ‘an idea’, ‘a wish’ into a hospice that now takes pride of place in the North East. I have continued to feel a great connection with St Oswald’s from those early days and my interest in quality improvements in care fitted well with St Oswald’s Vision. I continue to believe that the children, young people, adult patients and families that need St Oswald’s services deserve the very best and am proud to be part of an organisation that strives to deliver excellence.

“On a personal note, I have had two friends who have directly benefited from the adult inpatient services and I will be forever grateful for the outstanding care and compassion they received.

“I especially love the commitment to excellence in care and the ‘can do’ attitude of everyone involved at St Oswald’s. Visiting the staff and volunteers in the departments and shops is always a highlight for me. It is a humbling experience as you see first-hand the enthusiasm and real commitment of every single volunteer and staff member in their efforts for St Oswald’s – it is breath-taking to witness.

“The success of any organisation is down to its people and St Oswald’s has really gathered together the very best in the field.”

To find out more about Christine and our other Trustees click here.

Thank you to Christine for your commitment, direction, advice  and donating your time.

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