Celebrating Cyril Winksell, this International Men’s Day

Celebrating one of our original co-founders, Cyril Winksell, this International Men’s Day.

To mark International Men’s Day on Saturday, we pay tribute to a special man who, along with Dorothy Jameson our Founder, helped to make St Oswald’s Hospice a reality for our whole community.

Cyril Winksell was part of a group of wonderful volunteers who were vital in the setting up and opening of St Oswald’s Hospice over 36 years ago. After opening, Cyril stayed a close friend and loyal supporter throughout his life, including being a trustee on our board until 1998. He was always extremely kind and generous.

Cyril sadly died in 2020 and we’d like to recognise his legacy, and say thank you for his lasting support this International Men’s Day. We will always be grateful for his vision and his commitment to St Oswald’s Hospice.

We often hear about generations of a family supporting St Oswald’s Hospice as they feel a deep sense of connection to our work. Cyril’s daughter, Tricia has carried on his legacy after recently joining as part of our purchasing team.

Reminiscing on times with her Dad, Tricia said: “My Dad was a modest genius. He was an architect and he loved the creative process required to bring a concept from the drawing board to reality. Dad would approach a complex project never doubting there was a way forward. Always having focus about what might be done, how to go about it and how to persuade everyone else to join in.

“I recently read again all the condolence cards my Mum received after my father died in April 2020. The common thread was that my Dad was a “true gent”, unassuming, knowledgeable, supportive and helpful. Always taking the time to listen and understand. Many recalled that nothing was dismissed as too big a challenge and always underlining that their involvement would be needed.

“This same gentle approach I experienced first-hand as my father guided me over those bumps in the road throughout my life. Making me feel proud of my own accomplishments, never condescending or authoritative, just quietly supportive when needed.

“I can imagine the same approach was taken when Dorothy Jameson chatted about her wish to open a hospice in the North East. My Dad was involved at the early stages and remained connected to the Hospice for many years. It was an organisation he was proud to be associated with.

“Every two years until 2018 my father would hold an Arts & Crafts fair in Jesmond called Expo and any funds raised in part went to St Oswald’s Hospice. He would take any opportunity to raise awareness of the Hospice and the importance of such a facility to the community.

“I know my Dad would be proud that his daughter has become part of the St Oswald’s Hospice family and I hope I can follow his example of just doing your best and having fun along the way.”

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