Wayne's Story - Great North Run

“It’s difficult to express the level of care, compassion and first-class treatment given to Katherine whilst she was at St Oswald’s Hospice. Simply put, it was second to none.”

Wayne Gunn is a regular Great North Runner and for the 7th year in a row, has signed up to be part of the St Oswald’s Hospice dream team.

In 2019, Wayne’s connection with the Hospice became even stronger when Katherine received a terminal diagnosis. Sadly, Katherine passed away a short time later, spending her final few days at St Oswald’s Hospice.

In the years following her death, Wayne and his children continue to be supported by the Family Bereavement Team at St Oswald’s.

Here Wayne tells us more about his upcoming Great North Run.

Is this your first half-marathon:

I’ve done in excess of 10 Great North Runs now, the first being around 1993.

Why St Oswald’s Hospice:

My wife Katherine and I chose to fundraise for the Hospice when we relocated to the North East back in 2016. We initially chose to fundraise for the Hospice because my brother-in-law served in the Army with a nurse who worked at St Oswald’s at the time we moved. Katherine did two Great North Runs and a Tough Mudder challenge for the Hospice; her last Great North Run was in 2019, shortly before being diagnosed with her illness.

What are you looking forward to most on the day:

Dropping over the final hill to see the sea, and the atmosphere when in the starting pens! My finishing-time goal will be sometime during the Sunday afternoon.

What is your favourite running snack:

On the day, I’ll start with my usual pre-Great North Run snack, a Ginster’s pasty. They really should sponsor me!

Your go to running anthem is:

“Right Now” by Van Halen. There’s something about the energy with it but second to this is “Arlandria” by Foo Fighters.

What would you say to anyone thinking of signing up to run for St Oswald’s Hospice:

I’d recommend anyone to join Team St. Oswald’s, you really don’t know the level and depth of care that they provide until you’re in receipt of it.

We experienced this first hand when my wife was cared for at St Oswald’s during her illness. The staff at the Hospice are angels, especially Beth and Sarah who are incredible in their support and the work they do with my children.

We wish Wayne, and all of our Great North Runners, all the very best as they take on this year’s half-marathon.

Thank you for helping to keep our doors open for all who need us across the North East.

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