Christmas Treecycle - Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

  • I understand that my tree(s) won’t be collected unless I remove all of my Christmas tree decorations (including the stand/base) and I understand that if I don’t my tree won’t be collected.
  • I will leave my tree outdoors in the position specified by 8am on Thursday 4th January (8am on Monday 8th January for those waiting until after Twelfth Night). St Oswald’s Hospice drivers will be around to collect your tree(s) as soon as they can from Thursday 4th January, but this may not be until Saturday 20th January 2024 as they are working through a large volume of orders.
  • I understand that artificial trees won’t be collected and that collections are only applicable to REAL Christmas trees that are under 8ft height with all branches still intact.
  • I understand that St Oswald’s Hospice may contact me in relation to my order as a result of me registering for their Christmas Tree-cycle Collections.
  • We can only collect from the following postcode areas: NE1 – NE18, NE20 – NE22, NE23 – NE30, NE39 – NE42, NE61 – 64. If you provide a collection address outside of these areas then the collection will not be able to go ahead and your collection will be cancelled.
  • All donations received are voluntary in nature and not payment for services.
  • In exceptionally rare circumstances, if our drivers are unable to carry out your collection due to any unforeseen circumstances, we will either rearrange or cancel your collection. Any rearranged collection may fall after Saturday 20th January 2024.