Rachel's story

On Rachel’s first appointment she spent two hours with one of our Practitioners, who took the time to care for her lymphoedema and support her personally.

Rachel said:

“My initial thoughts of St Oswald’s is that it’s an amazing place. Despite being in the middle of a pandemic, I have received lots of support from the Hospice, including telephone consultations and face-to-face appointments. Through all the contact I have had, the staff have been brilliant and taken the time to thoroughly explain my condition and listen to my queries. On my first appointment, I was really upset about something that was unrelated to my lymphoedema, and the Practitioner spent two hours with me making sure I was OK.

“As well as my appointments, I have been given lots of information to help manage my condition, such as information about breathing techniques and exercises to help my lymphoedema. I waited over a year and a half to be diagnosed with the condition, but I feel that in the short time I have been supported by the Hospice, my lymphoedema has already improved and is less painful.”

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