Our young adults reach new heights

“On arrival at Bendrigg, we settled into our lovely, completely accessible lodge, before we were taken around the grounds on a late night sensory walk.

On Saturday morning we went on the tube slide and big swing followed by an afternoon of canoeing and on Sunday we enjoyed accessible rock climbing and archery. One of our young adults even scored a bullseye! On our last night we were all presented with certificates and enjoyed a night around the campfire toasting marshmallow and singing campfire songs.

I can honestly say all the young people and staff had the best weekend, literally reaching new heights and pushing themselves to achieve amazing things. As a staff team we really noticed how this weekend positively impacted each young person’s wellbeing, which I think you can see on some of the photos from the trip!”


Courtney makes memories

Courtney is 18 and has been coming to St Oswald’s Hospice since she was 18 months old. Her visit to Bendrigg was the first time she had been away without her family. Her mum Emma said:

“When the staff at St Oswald’s Hospice first told us about the trip I was a little apprehensive, but I knew the independence would be good for her and she was so excited to go.

Throughout the trip Courtney did kayaking, wall climbing, archery and more. It was the first time she was ever able to do anything like this and it was such an amazing opportunity. It was all a bit overwhelming for me to see she’d experienced things that have never been possible before. The world is now adapting to Courtney and her needs rather than Courtney having to adapt to the world.

Seeing how happy, involved and independent Courtney was able to be was absolutely priceless. When I asked Courtney what she thought of the trip she used her communication cards to share that it made her feel happy. I’m so grateful to St Oswald’s Hospice and Bendrigg Trust.”

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