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Super Arjun is our very own Hospice hero!

Superhero loving Arjun, 5, from Ponteland has set himself a very special mission - a week of exercise challenges to help him get fit and to raise money for St Oswald’s Hospice.

We caught up with Arjun during his challenge to find out about his plans and what inspired them.

My big brother told me that it’s good to try something new and said I should try to do something that challenged me. Mummy bought me some age 6-8 toothpaste but even though that was new as its too old for me, it wasn’t enough, I wanted to do something else that challenged me.

If you know me you will know that I am not very good at exercise things so I thought I would listen to the teacher (and outsmart my brother) and do something to help others. My mummy says I can make people smile and that is what I want to do by raising money for charity. My favourite exercise challenge was goalkeeping with my dad, it was lots of fun.

Arjun’s challenges involved; star jumps, running a mile at school with his classmates, swimming 25 meters, an assault course, dancing and his favourite, the goal keeping challenge. This involved his dad being in goal and Arjun having to score penalties passed him. For every goal he scored, he had to do one press up and for every shot he missed he had to do two!

Arjun’s mam, Sandy tells us more:

“I’ve loved watching Arjun take on all the challenges, he’s been really motivated and I’ve been so proud. I was screaming with pride when he completed the length of the swimming pool, that’s a full 25 metres and he didn’t stop once, his swimming instructor was so excited.

“One of Arjun’s friends did a run for another charity last year, and Arjun was so inspired by it that he has been talking for a while now about doing something for charity himself. After speaking with his brother about challenging himself, we mentioned he could do something to help raise money for charity and from that moment he was hooked on the idea.

“Arjun chose to support St Oswald’s as he watches a show called ‘Operation Ouch’ which teaches children about hard to discuss topics. One episode was about a family using hospice care, and Arjun said he wanted to help people like them. We knew St Oswald’s was our local hospice, he was very happy when we told him he could support them.

“We set an original target of £200, so we were over the moon when we hit over £1000! The thing is, everyone knows Arjun, he’s such a character and everyone loves him, he just makes you smile as soon as you see him. He hasn’t shied from asking people for donations too, you can hear him shout across the playground asking people. It’s been so fun to watch him being so engaged with his challenge.”

So far, Arjun’s JustGiving page has raised over £1200, and we can’t thank Arjun and his family enough – he’s our very own real-life superhero!  So, if you see a little boy dressed as Batman running round Ponteland, don’t forget to shout well done. If you’d like to donate to Arjun’s challenge, you can visit his JustGiving page here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/sandy-chattree