Meet Tilly...

“I originally became a volunteer to contribute to my Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. I decided afterwards that I really enjoyed volunteering so I continued to do so every Saturday around school.

“During my time at St Oswald’s, I have met so many individuals who I feel value my contributions to the charity. Each and every one of them have taught me lifelong skills that are both specific to retail, and transferrable to other sectors. It’s great knowing that everything I do will benefit the Hospice, and I come out of it with not only a positive experience, but the feeling of gratitude that I have received from colleagues.

“I love being able to engage with the public, though it is different now due to the ‘new normal’ because of Covid. The experience I get and the chance to communicate with people from all different backgrounds, and make friends, all sets me up with great skills for life. I really enjoy being able to help the Hospice and help promote different events, such as the annual raffle or selling merchandise.

“Returning after lockdown was a lovely experience, it was great to be back together with all my colleagues after such an unexpected and prolonged amount of time away from each other. Being back really showed how much I do enjoy volunteering at St Oswald’s and the time I get to spend with other staff and volunteers. I got to meet a couple of new people too, who have also really supported me since coming back, along with the members of staff whom I enjoy spending time with whilst volunteering. At the Warehouse we are almost a mini community, and it was lovely, albeit it different, to be back together again, and with our massively valued customers too.

“Volunteering for St Oswald’s is so beneficial at any age, and especially as a student. It has made such a difference to my life chances and something that has shaped my identity as an individual, and given me great experiences.”

Huge thank you to Tilly for sharing her story and for all she does for us as a volunteer.

Interested in becoming a volunteer yourself? find out more here.

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