Meet Marcie

This Hospice Care Week, we’re celebrating the people who make St Oswald’s Hospice what it is.

Meet Marcie, our Clinical Volunteering Coordinator

Did you know that St Oswald’s Hospice is supported by more than 800 volunteers in a range of roles? As part of #HospiceCareWeek, we’ve spoken to Marcie, our Clinical Volunteering Coordinator who reveals what she gets from working at a hospice…
What attracted you to St Oswald’s Hospice?
I was really excited by the job description of my role when I decided to apply. It felt like a chance to learn more about chronic health conditions and palliative care – as part of the support I provide to volunteers and for my own professional development.
What does your role involve?
I’m based in the Lymphoedema clinic four days a week, coordinating volunteers there, and I work in the wider volunteer department on Wednesdays where I am mainly focused on supporting volunteers in the Adult Inpatient Unit.
What do you enjoy most about your role?
I enjoy meeting volunteers and getting to know them as individuals. It’s amazing to hear their stories and how they all enrich the work of St Oswald’s Hospice in inspiring ways.
How would you describe Hospice Care?
In my role, hospice care means supporting volunteers from diverse backgrounds to meet patients from diverse backgrounds. There is so much that volunteers contribute to our organisation around empathy and compassion. It is a real privilege to work in such a holistic and collaborative way.
What’s the biggest misconception of hospice care?
It’s important to dispel the myth that we only work with people who are receiving end-of-life care. A lot of the people who we support in day services are experiencing chronic conditions like Lymphoedema, but are not palliative patients. It’s important to raise awareness about how diverse our work is.
Thank you to everyone who has supported Hospice Care Week this year!
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