What is CLiP?

A Free, Flexible Learning Series In Palliative Care

Supplied in a partnership between St Oswald’s Hospice, Hospice UK and Together For Short Lives, CLiP is a case-based programme of self-learning workshops that take about 15 minutes – ideal for busy healthcare professionals.

The aim of CLiP is to resource existing professionals, carers and teams with the knowledge and skills needed in their daily work. Many opportunities exist for learning, but it can be difficult for carers to find time to update themselves, and tutors can find it difficult to find suitable materials to incorporate in their existing teaching. The CLiP worksheets grew from the idea of a “coffee update”. The aim was to develop a flexible learning material that could be used over a coffee break, but could also be used in a variety of settings.

  • The adult series contains a choice of 62 workshops arranged in eleven modules.
  • These tutorials can be used in a variety of settings: self-learning, one-to-one with a tutor, small groups, large groups and even in lecture-theatre settings of 100 people, although interaction is less with large groups.
  • Each worksheet has been assigned a learning level (Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced) to give an indication of how much prior experience or knowledge is required for that worksheet.
  • Each learning level building on previous levels.
  • Each tutorial is self-contained, but later tutorials in a series may assume knowledge in previous worksheets.
  • Use of intermediate tutorials assumes knowledge in the introductory tutorials, whilst use of the advanced tutorials assumes knowledge in the introductory and intermediate tutorials.
  • There is a further activity and references in each workshop.
  • Learning materials are flexible enough to be used by tutors in small group learning and can be used in lecture settings.
  • Each module has an online MCQ questionnaire which, if completed to an acceptable level, allows the printing of a certificate, useful for portfolios and revalidation. For any incorrect answers the learner is redirected to the relevant worksheets.

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  • Since the tutorials/worksheets are self-contained they can be used by individuals as an introduction to a new subject or as an update or reminder of a subject.
  • In this setting, a tutorial or worksheet takes approximately 15 minutes.

Small group setting

Tutorials/worksheets can be used by tutors in different ways:

  • Preparation prior to a presentation.
  • The main component of a workshop.
  • An illustration of an issue to stimulate discussion.
  • A different format for variety in a longer presentation or workshop.
  • Using “live” online CLlP tutorials (if you have web access in the tutorial room).
  • Handouts for “further reading”.
  • In the first five formats, discussion means that each tutorial/worksheet will take 20 – 30 minutes.

Lecture Theatre Setting

The CLIP worksheets have been used with groups of 20, and on occasions with up to 100 people with the following observations:

  • There is inevitably less interaction.
  • Most discussion comes from a few individuals, but most use the worksheets.
  • Even limited discussion can be enjoyed by other learners.
  • All those present need copies of the worksheet which double as handouts.
  • The worksheets should be used between other presentation methods for variety.
  • You can use the “live” online CLIP tutorials if you have direct web access in the lecture room.