Hiking Helvellyn in support of St Oswald’s Hospice

“It’s a reasonably challenging 12 miles but when you see the impact St Oswald’s Hospice has on the lives of those who are supported and cared for by the team there, it’s hugely motivating.”

Stuart Conley and 16 of his colleagues recently ascended the heights of Helvellyn to raise money for an upcoming project build at St Oswald’s Hospice. Stuart’s employer, Fairhurst, are part of the team working together to deliver new accommodation units for the Young Adults who stay for short breaks at the Hospice.

Fairhurst, a Consultant Engineering firm with offices nationally, including a Newcastle base, first came into contact with St Oswald’s Hospice when working on the refurbishment of the Hospice’s Family Room; a special space where patients, their families and friends are able to spend time together, making memories.

It was during this time when Stuart, a Structural Engineer at Fairhurst, was able to see firsthand the role that St Oswald’s Hospice plays in the lives of those it supports and cares for.

“The environment at the Hospice is wonderful,” said Stuart, “and to see the pleasure patients get from the family room space and the surrounding gardens is really heart-warming.”

And it was on seeing this positive impact that Stuart felt moved to rope his colleagues into a fundraising challenge, to raise funds for an upcoming project at St Oswald’s Hospice.

“The day itself was a mixture of excitement and slight surprise at what we’d let ourselves in for,” shared Stuart, “and the forecast itself on the day wasn’t brilliant but we got ourselves up and out early.”

Helvellyn Summit 1
Helvellyn Summit 2

With an 8am start, the team began their ascent of England’s third-highest mountain.

“After a couple of miles, we found our rhythm and together, we supported and encouraged one another,” explained Stuart.

The promised rain held off until late afternoon, giving the hikers time to enjoy a picnic at the peak before making their descent. Following completion, the team headed to a nearby pub to celebrate their achievement with a well-earned drink or two.

Stuart added, “It was great to do something as a team for a local charity that we’ve established a connection with. We’ve become more aware of the difference fundraising support makes so to be able to contribute to that in this way has been great.

The team set themselves a fundraising target of £500 and, at the time of writing, they’ve more than doubled their money which stands at just over £1000. Well done, team Fairhurst!

When asked if he had any top tips for those interested in taking on a similar challenge, Stuart reflected, “Well you absolutely need a decent pair of walking boots. And a good night’s sleep before is also a bonus.”

If you’re inspired to take on a fundraising challenge for St Oswald’s Hospice, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us at supportercare@stoswaldsuk.org and one of team will be in touch.

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