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Death Café

Thank you for joining us at our death café on Saturday 18th May

To find out about upcoming death café events, please email enquiries@stoswaldsuk.org

What is a Death Café?

Meet Davina, our Chaplain

If you’re not sure what a Death Café is, Davina our Chaplain has written a blog about what to expect and how it’s very different to how she even first imagined! We know these are still very difficult conversations to have, even in a Hospice.

Read Davina's blog

The death café movement

Although it’s only our second death café, death cafes are a growing movement to help people of all ages and backgrounds to better understand death. It is certainly not a grief or a bereavement session, it’s quite the opposite. Others have spoken of a death café being an uplifting experience, getting them to think about life and all the things they have achieved and what they want to do before they die.

Visit www.deathcafe.com to find out more.

Pictures from the Death Café