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Welcome to the Focus on Living Information & Support Hub

We want you and your family to remain connected to the Focus on Living centre and the team during this very difficult time for everyone, which we are all working hard to adapt to.

Welcome to the Focus on Living Information & Support Hub

Our Focus on Living Centre offers a range of services and activities, designed to help people with a progressive life limiting condition to live a full life. This ‘rehabilitative approach’ is designed to provide advice, support and information to patients and their families and carers, that in turn enables self-management and self-care.

With our Information & Support hub, Our Focus on Living Centre are working hard to bring you a range of activities and resources that will help to keep you feeling inspired and motivated during our time apart. 

As ever, we want to encourage everyone to share with us any resources or activities that you have found helpful and suggestions or ideas about what might be helpful to you and your family at this time. Please send your ideas and suggestions to enquiries@stoswaldsuk.org

We also have a dedicated Focus on Living Centre gallery where we would love to display your creations. Please email your photos to the address above and we will add them to the gallery.

Thank you and we hope you find some enjoyment and support from these resources. We are always thinking of you.

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Theme one: Rainbows

The rainbow itself represents something so hopeful and it has been a way of bringing us all together even though we are apart, with even the Queen acknowledging the rainbow as a sign of our “national spirit” at this time.

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Theme Two: The Senses

Our senses are associated with the way we explore, interpret and experience the world around us. During the coronavirus pandemic all of our senses have been affected, because the environment in which we sense has been altered.

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Theme Three: The Elements

Looking to the beauty of elements - nature, earth, air, water, fire and space, which provide the foundation for our world. At a time when so many of us feel a heightened sense of anxiety we can look at nature to lift our spirits.

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Theme Four: Summer

As the summer and warmer weather (hopefully!) rolls around, there is much opportunity to be inspired by the things around us. We can observe lots of colour, from the fresh tropical fruits to the flowers in our gardens to the nature of our parks.

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Theme Five: The Garden

Although ‘Life as we knew it’ had stopped, when you look outside, whether it be your garden or green spaces around you, nature has carried on as normal with evidence of new growth and the changing seasons.

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Theme Six: Our Region

As the Covid-19 pandemic has halted summer plans with many restrictions in place for travelling abroad, the pandemic has allowed many of us to embrace and explore our great North East region for a summer 'staycation'!

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