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What Happens to my Donations?

Once your donations have been collected from the 24 hour donation point, a Donation Station or your home, they need to be sorted before they can be sold. This is done at our Central Sort Centre in Benfield Business Park or one of our shops

Our team of retail volunteers safely and carefully sorts donations into categories such as adult clothing, children’s clothing, books, glassware, and so on.

All clothing is steam cleaned before going on display on the shop floor. Any clothing that is damaged or not suitable for sale is sold to a recycling merchant and any broken items which cannot be sold are recycled, ‘up-cycled’, or sent to landfill as an absolute last resort.

Gift Aid

If you are registered for Gift Aid, then every donation you make is given a tag with your unique Gift Aid number on it. This means we can track when your items are sold and we’re able to let you know how much your donations have raised.

Our shops raise over £2million each year. All the money raised helps us provide hospice care for North East adults, young people and children with life-limiting conditions.