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You can have your cake and eat it this Christmas!

We’ve brought our Big Bake back with a festive twist this winter and invite you all to bake up a storm by hosting your own seasonal themed bake sale, coffee morning or afternoon tea for friends, family or place of work.

This is exactly what nine Weight Watchers groups around Newcastle and Northumberland did this week. Each of the groups have been busy raising dough for St Oswald’s by opening their doors to the public, holding raffles, bake sales and playing games to raise some vital funds for the Hospice.

We went along to a few of the classes to see how they were getting on (we promise it wasn’t for the cake!) Visiting the Longbenton group we spoke to Irene, a Weight Watchers member who brought in a very different type of bake…

Irene, said:

I’m not much of a baker at all, but I still wanted to get involved and help out…. That’s why I knitted some cakes. They count as 0 Weight Watchers points so are an absolute winner. I actually support St Oswald’s by doing the New Year’s Dip each year as I can’t run a marathon and I want to do my bit to support the Charity.

When we vsited the Eldon Gardens Weight Watchers group on Thursday 9th November, some very special guests had turned up and they definitely gave Prue and Paul a run for their money!

Justin and Kelly from Heart Radio’s Breakfast Show and their producer Jimmy were the guests of honour and were the main judges of the cake competition. The members pulled out all the stops when it came to baking those Weight Watchers recipes, there was even a cake that looked like burgers and chips!

Kelly, from Heart’s Breakfast Show, commented:

It’s a shame I’m on such a strict diet although it’s not stopping me from trying all the cake! I can be Prue and just try small amounts from each entry. We can’t believe the high standard of all the cakes here, they look amazing, I really don’t want to cut into them and spoil them.


"I think it’s great what Weight Watchers are doing, St Oswald’s is such a great cause and to have a full week of Big Bakes to raise money for them is such a good idea. My mam used hospice services a few years back so I know the importance of receiving good hospice care and St Oswald’s does exactly that.

Siobhan Sargeant, Corporate Fundraiser, added:

We love our Big Bake at Christmas, what a great excuse the eat cake?! We can’t get over the support Weight Watchers have given us this last week. I’ve been to most of the classes and the standard is just phenomenal, some of the members have really got involved.


I must admit I was a little star struck meeting Justin and Kelly, but what a way to end a great week. They really lived their new roles as baking judges and we’re so appreciative that they came and joined in. At St Oswald’s we need to raise £7.5m a year through charitable giving and by doing a Big Bake it’s an easy way to raise some much kneaded dough for the Hospice.

To get involved with the Big Bake at Christmas this year contact Natalie on 0191 285 0063 Ext: 2128 or email fundraising@stoswaldsuk.org