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Inspirational Molly leads a normal life despite her lymphoedema

During International Lymphoedema Awareness (4th-10th March),we’re sharing with you some stories of our many inspirational lymphoedema patients. 

Molly Cuthbert, aged 21 from Stocksfield, Northumberland, was born lymphoedema. She has been coming to our Lymphoedema Clinic since she was 9 years old.

Despite having lymphoedema in her left leg, right arm and left side of her face, she manages to lead a normal life and keeps her lymphoedema under control though self-management and support from our Lymphoedema Service,

Molly tells us more:

“Growing up I was very conscious of my lymphoedema and would often try my hardest to hide my arm from people. Going through school, I had some problems with bullying which initially caused me lots of upset and confidence problems.

“Although I was born with the condition, I wasn’t given a diagnosis for some time, and was frustratingly told at a hospital appointment that there was nothing that could be done to help my lymphoedema. Understandably, my Mum, Dad and I were very upset."

Talking about first coming to St Oswald’s and their continued support, Molly said:

“I went from being told there was nothing that could be done about my lymphoedema, to finding out about St Oswald’s and their Lymphoedema Clinic, when I was aged 9. Coming to the hospice has helped massively in my understanding of lymphoedema and helped me to learn that I am not the only one with this condition.

“I have been given arm and leg compression garments to help manage my lymphoedema. I wear these on as much of a daily basis as I can. I keep one of the arm garments at the children’s day nursery that I work at, so I can wear it during the day. I have also had different bandaging offered to me over the years. I generally go to St Oswald’s once a year unless I am getting treatment.”

Molly ended:

“The older that I got the more I realised that my lymphoedema make me different and there isn’t nothing the matter with being different. I have learnt that my family and friends love me for who and am and that the lovely people in my life definitely outnumber the judgemental ones.”