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Lymphoedema Learning Zone

This information is for all healthcare professionals who want to learn more about Lymphoedema, its management and our services.

Lymphoedema is a long term condition that cannot be cured. It can however be effectively managed if patients have access to appropriate services. All patients should have access to efficient services.

The diverse aetiology of Lymphoedema means that patients who are at risk of, or have developed lymphoedema, will be encountered in a wide variety of settings.

Part of our role is to raise the awareness of other health care professionals to this condition, and its management. This will help to ensure that patients are able to access efficient and effective services and receive the right treament for them.

As well as the information, links and downloads featured in this section, you can also read the section within our resources for healthcare professionals page.

If you have any queries or would like to talk to someone at St Oswald's about Lymphoedema, please contact Kath Clark (Day Services Manager) or Jill Lisle (Lymphoedema Practice Development Lead) on 0191 246 9050 during office hours or by email: kathclark@stoswaldsuk.org and jilllisle@stoswaldsuk.org

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Lymphoedema Links And Downloads

Below is a list of links, downloads and other resources related to Lymphoedema, its management an... (read more...)