Could you help us keep St Oswald’s Hospice warm, safe and secure for our patients this Christmas?

If you are unwell, in pain and worried about the future, feeling safe in your surroundings is a big deal

Your gift this Christmas could fund some of the vital projects across our hospice building, that will benefit the patients and families who rely on our services.

St Oswald’s Hospice is a safe space for everyone, a home from home, a haven where people feel comfortable, warm and secure. It’s what our staff strive for and what our patients and families need.

But while patient care is the heart of what the hospice does, St Oswald’s Hospice is also bricks and mortar, a shell within which all of the vital services our community needs, take place. While care is our top priority, our building, the place where so much good happens, really needs some TLC too.

This Christmas, will you help raise £40,000 to fund the repairs and upgrades needed to provide the fundamental things our patients need – warmth, safety and comfort?

Our main building is now 36 years old and regular, expensive repairs and upgrades are required to keep our hospice operating. But as energy prices and the cost of living rises, making sure our building is as well cared for as our patients has become an increasing challenge.

Thank you for supporting our Twelve Fixes of Christmas Appeal

Thank you to everyone who supported our Twelve Fixes of Christmas Appeal

Every penny of your donation will help us to improve and upgrade our hospice building.

Thank you, so much, for your kind support of our work, our patients and our families.


Total raised: £36,500

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Meet Jane

“Any donations we receive to this campaign will help my team to tackle the continual upgrades and improvements a building the size of St Oswald’s needs. Our building is very precious to us, as it’s a place where people need to feel safe at the most challenging time of their lives.

Our 12 Fixes of Christmas Wish List might not be the most glamorous, but each item is essential in helping to provide our patients with the warmth, privacy, comfort and security they need and deserve. Each time one of these items is ticked off our list, thanks to your generous support, families from across the region will benefit now and for many Christmases to come.”

Jane Hamblin, Head of Facilities

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