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Bag it!

Go GREEN for St Oswald’s Hospice... ... and BAG IT!


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Get your class involved in a one-off ‘Bag It’ by asking each of your students to bring in one bag of quality used goods. We are looking for goods such as clothes, DVDs, books and toys that we can re-sell in our charity shops.

We will then arrange a date that is convenient for you for us to come and pick them up.

Each bag can be worth on average £16.00 to us.


Green Award

To encourage students to be more green and to help you achieve your school’s Green Award, a member of our retail team can come into your class and talk about the recycling lifecycle, including how we recycle donated goods and how the money from the sale of these good is used towards providing hospice care to our patients.

For more information contact our Fundraising Team on 0191 246 9123 or email fundraising@stoswaldsuk.org


Click here to find out more about our shops and recycling.