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Snowdonian Zip Wire

A unique adrenalin fueled experience at an internationally acclaimed zip line adventure across the Welsh Coastline.

What is it?

A fantastic opportunity to experience the zip line dubbed the fastest in the world as well as the longest in Europe. Participants of this challenge will be able to build their confidence on the Little Zipper before taking on the challenge and descending down the Big Zipper. You will have the chance to take in a spectacular birds-eye view of the North Wales coastline during your experience.

What is involved?

The entirety of the challenge should not take longer than 2 hours. Anyone aged 10 years and older is allowed to take part in this challenge. However, those under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a participating adult during the activity. A safety briefing will be given prior to the challenge by highly trained staff members. Regularly checked and maintained equipment will be provided on site to ensure a safe and memorable experience for all.

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Snowdonia, North Wales
Registration Fee:£60
Min Sponsorship:£100
Life List
Bronze Challenge
This event will count as one of your three challenges towards your Life List Bronze Award

Who can take part?


Fundraising Team
Monday to Friday 9am-5pm