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Rock Climbing

Do you want to climb your way across Northumberland? Think you’re ready to conquer the wall?

What is it?

This epic adventure is fantastic exercise and a great way to tick off another lifelist challenge. Better still you can complete the challenge in the scenic area of Northumberland.

What is involved?

This adventure packed challenge allows you to conquer a rock climbing wall suited to your own ability and experience, whilst enjoying some of the most beautiful landscapes and views the region has to offer.

A qualified instructor and training is provided during the challenge, the only requirement is that participants are over 8 years of age. However, please be aware that parents/guardians are responsible for supervising anyone under the age of 16.

You will receive training from a fully qualified instructor, which will cover the basics of rock climbing and will allow you to correctly fit a harness, tie a knot and experience belaying. Then, you will have the opportunity to rock climb on a number of different routes with varying degrees of difficulty.

*£35 for children.

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Registration Fee:£40*
Min Sponsorship:£100
Life List
Bronze Challenge
This event will count as one of your three challenges towards your Life List Bronze Award
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Who can take part?


Fundraising Team
Monday to Friday 9am-5pm