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Download free chapters of The Book that Sighed by Claud Regnard

1. The Last Train (pdf)

2. Summer Soufflé (pdf)

3. Midnight Bell (pdf)

4. Even an Old Sun is Warm (pdf)

5. On the Dot (pdf)

6. Borrowed Time (pdf)

Download free chapters of Claud Regnard's new book The Books That Sighed and Spied:

1. The Book that Sighed and Spied (pdf)

2. The Book That Died (pdf)

3. The The Book That Lied (pdf)

4. The Books That Cried (pdf)

5. The Books That Hide (pdf)

6. The Books That Guide (pdf)

7. The Book Inside (pdf)

8. The Books That Tried (pdf)

9. The Books That Smiled (pdf)

10. Books with Pride and 11. Books Modified (pdf)

12. Books Reprised (pdf)

13. Books denied (pdf)

14. The Books That Implied (pdf)

15. The Book That Spied (pdf)

16. Books Collide (pdf)

17. Books That Misguide (pdf)

18. The Books Occupied (pdf)

19. The Books Preoccupied (pdf)