Freefall through the sky at speeds of 120-180mph in our most thrilling challenge!

What is it?

Complete this challenge and take back control with an organised freefall with St Oswald’s Hospice Skydive. Complete a tandem dive with an instructor and feel the wind in your hair as you travel at speeds of over 100mph.

What is involved?

St Oswald’s have partnered with Skydive Academy at Peterlee Parachute Centre so you’ll be in expert hands for your challenge. You can complete your skydive whenever it suits your schedule – weather dependent of course. The team of qualified and experienced instructors over at Skydive Academy will guide you throughout the experience to ensure that you get the most out of your skydive.

Training is given prior to the actual skydive taking place later that day, or the day after for the static-line parachute jump, subject to weather conditions.

Registration fee: £70

Sponsorship target: £500

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