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Monday 14th Oct to Sunday 20th Oct

What is your legacy? What is Elmer’s Great North Parade’s legacy for the North East? How can we work together to make a difference now and in the future?

As we draw closer to the end of the trail, we want to hear your favourite memories have been so far. Share photos and tell us about your experience of the trail and what you will take from it. We’ll also share messages about why legacies are so important to St Oswald’s - did you know that 12p in every £1 we spend is from a gift left to us in a Supporters Will?

What else is going on? Have you booked tickets for Elmer’s Farewell Event at Newcastle Racecourse on 9th and 10th November – the last chance to see all Elmer’s together before they are auctioned to find their forever homes? Book via: https://www.stoswaldsuk.org/elmer/whats-on/elmers-farewell-weekend