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Spending quality time together

Monday 21st Oct to Friday 1st Nov

It’s your last chance to see the Elmer’s on the streets, before they stomp off to their forever homes! Make your final visit count and make the most of the half-term holidays.

At St Oswald’s, we believe in quality time for everyone, no matter how long that time may be. This week, you’ll read stories about the people use our services and how the hospice – and your support of it – makes a huge difference.

What else is going on? We are into the final two weeks of the trail, so make sure you tick off all the Elmers on your map, unlock them in the app and revisit your favourites! Remember there’s always our Farewell Event if you are missing any Elmers or just want to say goodbye to the herd one last time.  Book your tickets here: https://www.stoswaldsuk.org/elmer/whats-on/elmers-farewell-weekend