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Bright Star

  • Name: Bright Star
  • Location: Gateshead Central Library
  • Designed and descorated by: Marlborough Primary School, Washington

Sculpture Description

Our design was inspired by the ethos and values of our school, ‘bright minds, bright futures’. Our sculpture represents our school’s moto ‘bright minds, bright futures’, and incorporates our school logo of a star. As a whole school we included our own star design that depicts our dreams and aspirations for the future, this may be a child’s personal journey, a class dream or a wish for the future of the whole world. The children worked together during house time with children of mixed ages and abilities to share inspiration and design ideas. The school council of pupils then decided on placement of stars on to the sculpture to create a blanket of stars. Gifted and Talented children from each year group were then be enlisted to help with transferring the designs from paper to sculpture.