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Be the best you can Bee!

  • Name: Be the best you can Bee!
  • Location: Eldon Leisure
  • Designed and descorated by: Cramlington Shanklea Primary School, Cramlington

Sculpture Description

Our design was inspired by the ethos and values of Shanklea Primary School. The School Arts Council wanted their Elmer to represent our school ethos of inclusion and involve every pupil in the sculpture. They wanted to incorporate everybody’s hand and finger prints into the design. In line with our ‘be the best you can be’ mantra, the council decided this would be the basis of our design, but with a twist. They were keen to demonstrate this with a play on words. This is where the bees flying around came from - they also wanted to demonstrate the strong friendship and community partnerships that we have at Shanklea, which we represented through the daisy chains.